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					<p id="maindesc" > <b>Data Analytics/Programming</b> <br>
								   Peter McCutcheon <br>
								   E-mail: peter.mccutcheon866@gmail.com <br>
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					<p> This website is dedicated to showcasing my skills and abilities as a data analyst and programmer.
						The following links show analysis of various airline flight information and analysis of car
						information.  The airline flight information is on time data from the <i>U.S. Bureau of
						Transportation Statistics</i>, please see the link below.  The car information is CSV data
						on cars from the 1970s and 1980s.  I am not sure where this data originated, but it can be 
						found on several websites including GitHub.	The flight data was downloaded as CSV files and 
						loaded into a <b>MySQL database</b>.  The car data is manipulated from the CSV file using Python and
						Pandas.  Presently all charts and graphics are created using <b>Python, numpy, pandas, and matplotlib</b>.
						This website was created using <b>HTML, CSS, and Javascript</b>. Please feel free to contact me at the 
						above E-mail if you have any questions, comments or want to hire someone to do data analysis or 
						programming of any kind. I am looking for permanent, consulting, or contracting work and am willing
						to travel or relocate.
					<p> <a href='https://www.transtats.bts.gov/DL_SelectFields.asp?Table_ID=236&DB_Short_Name=On-Time'> On Time Performances from Bureau of Transportation Statistics </a> </p>
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					<a href='html/apdelayed.html'> <img class="imgdisplay" src="img/apdelays.png" alt="Airport Delays" ></img></a>
					<a href='html/lineplotatl.html'> <img class="imgdisplay" src="img/lineplotatl.png" alt="ATL Delays by Time of Day" ></img></a>				
					<a href='html/lineplotord.html'> <img class="imgdisplay" src="img/lineplotord.png" alt="ORD Delays by Time of Day" ></img></a>				
					<a href='html/lineplotlax.html'> <img class="imgdisplay" src="img/lineplotlax.png" alt="LAX Delays by Time of Day" ></img></a>				
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					<p class='bbanner'> 
						<a href='html/resume.html'> Resume |</a>
						<a href='html/technologies.html'> Technologies |</a>
						<a href='html/code.html'> View Code </a>
				<p style="color:red;font-size:24px;"> <a href='html/cars.html'>Refurbished Cars Database...</a></p>
				<p> Resume Background Picture From...</p>
				<a id='credits' href='http://all-free-download.com/free-photos/'> http://all-free-download.com/free-photos/ </a>
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